Decision making made simpler

Aayush Saraogi
3 min readNov 3, 2020


We all know taking the right decision is one of the toughest parts of our lives. Moreover, we only get to know whether the decision we have taken is right or not, only after the outcome is received. Hence, this gives little or no room to go back and change the decisions that we have made. It’s like, words once spoken can’t be taken back. However, there is a way to correct this to some extent. Let’s have a look at it.

We are not going to change the process of decision making. Things that should be thought of before making a decision should be followed. This is because the basis of the decision is “consideration”. As the dictionary meaning goes “Decision is a conclusion or resolution after consideration”. The keyword here is “consideration”. Sometimes this consideration is out of revenge and sometimes otherwise. However, we would not touch the consideration part and try and play around with the “time” of making the decision.

Let’s divide the decisions of life into two categories:

1. Not so urgent decision — These are the ones, for which some time can be spared before an action is taken.

2. Urgent decisions — These are those decisions that can’t be postponed, and action needs to be taken immediately.

Not so urgent decisions

These are the simpler decisions to handle, as we get time to make a move. By making a move I mean any move, that has arisen from your consideration. Let’s say that you have taken a decision to take a revenge / tit-for-tat after the consideration that the other person also did the same thing, so why should you not take a step in that direction. More often than not these decisions are impulsive even without your realization. Therefore, instead of changing the thought process just delay the “action time”. This will give your mind enough time to settle down and there are higher chances that you might want to reconsider your choice. This will save you from doing something which could prove to be disastrous. Also do keep in mind this is a natural process, after giving yourself some time — ask yourself “should I do this”? You know what to do if the answer is “No”.

Let’s say that the answer is “Yes”, then go ahead and do it. This is because sometimes this is also important. Whether that decision is harmful or not, only time will tell.

Urgent decisions

These are tricky ones, as you don’t have time to postpone your actions. Although you can try and replicate the above solution to some extent. You will have to use the greatest power that only human beings have — Imagination. Right before making the move, take a moment with yourself, take a deep breath and imagine yourself to be taking this decision after a few days (this is not philosophical). The trick here is to think more than once and remove all the bias from yourself i.e. think as a neutral person or as an advisor to someone with the same situation. If the answer is “Yes” for both the times then go head, else drop it.

These tricks are not meant for decisions that result in actions, but also for those decisions which result in words spoken. The basic trick is to give yourself time for making those actions or speaking those words. The time you buy out right now for taking the decision goes a long way in developing your career and relationships.

A lot of our life depends on the kind of decisions we take. Some are impactful, while others are not. However, spending some time rethinking our decision positively affects our lives. Either it will reinforce our confidence in our thoughts, or it would make us revise our thoughts.

“Always make decisions that prioritize your inner peace” — Izey Victoria Odiase



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